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Our services range from Audio for events, Lighting, Stages, Photography, Video, HD LED Walls, Large Projectors  & Screens to suit small to large venues. No event is small or big for us. All our services will be delivered with utmost quality and satisfaction

Audio/Sound/ Stage/Lighting / LED Walls     and complete production for events


No Event is big or small for us. We feature some of the top of the line audio equipment and trained technicians. When you plan an event we understand that sound is the number one priority for making or breaking your event. We have over 200 plus customers all over USA that have experienced    our service. We work along with you throughout your planning process to make your event a grand sucess!

Photography and Videography Services for events


No Event is big or small for us. Our pictures and videos will make your memories for ever.

HD LED  Walls    and Projectors


We feature HD LED Walls, large screens and bright projectors. These will be a great value add to any event to put up information like sponsors info, program info etc. We feature top of the line short throw projectors. No more taking up space in the venue.

Event Stages and Stage Lighting


We specialize in providing event Stages and  lighting like stage lighting, uplights and decorative LED's. Please contact us for any of your lighting needs.

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